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Lazy Saturday.

I woke up this morning realising that for the first time in forever I had the day off work, with nothing else on my to-do-plate. So I got up, and without a theme in mind (aside, of course, from a lazy Saturday) I thought it was about time I hit the streets again to meet and greet some amazing Melbournians. Here is who I met:


I caught Al in the corner of my eye and chased her half way down Burke Street Mall – I just loved her style! She told me that she also runs a blog – so watch this space for a link! Al was on her way to have ramen with a friend of hers, so I let her go, but not before finding out what her favourite song was of the day. Check out the eclectic love from The Alcolade, and their song Symphony X.



I found Lukka in the city with his family heading for coffee. I had to stop and interrupt the family affair to snap him as we were practically wearing the same outfit (God I love androgyny) Lukka is loving Neon Indian’s Ephemeral Artery,  Check it out:



Lukka had reminded me of the Ksubi sale that was on today – so I thought I might wander over to Collingwood to check it out. On my way I ran into Matt, an incredibly lovely sea changer – yup, you heard right, the guy has decided to pack up and move to country Tasmania with his partner – he was in Melbourne tying up loose ends. When I asked him what music he was loving at the moment, he told me that in his new Tasmanian house, they have barely enough electricity (so the rumours are true! haha nah, just kidding, its a temporary thing) and so  he has been utilising his trusty record player – and consequently his music love at the moment is Siouxie and the Banshees, check out their classic, Mirage



I interrupted Thomas trying to work at the insane Ksubi sale (check out the state of the room in the background!). While he was dashing about, he managed to tell me his music love for today – the song Bermuda, by a band called the Kisses. The film clip is a real treat!



Marla was was of the many people who had come in to check out the sale – and outside of shopping she was spending the weekend job hunting and studying. She had a little bit of difficulty trying to remember the artist for her fave song – so I am hoping that the clip that I have picked for you all to listen too is the right one – well even if its not, its a very cool song. Check out Ana Brun’s Do You Remember



I found Stuart in the corner transferring money to purchase some goodies that he had found. He told me that he had braught back his Beatles love recently and chose the song Yellow Submarine as his fave. I found the Yellow Submarine clip from the Beatles movie with the same title, If you haven’t already seen the movie its worth getting your hands on a copy – but until then, enjoy the cartoon footage below:


A brilliant lazy Saturday all around!




I was speaking to a friend last week about Chapel street, and we were discussing that perhaps we as a Melbournians don’t fully appreciate the strip for what it really is. It can have such a negative vibe attached to it, yet we all seem to spend a lot of time there gallivanting around. I mean, you can do almost everything there – it gets us drunk at any hour, and cures the nastiest of hangovers, it has every shop on the planet, damn good coffee, and its a great place to hang out if you want to be interviewed for that Channel Ten TV show, the Project.

So, in true Muddy Thrills style, I felt it was necessary to meet and greet some of the Chapel street residents.

Nick, Fabien, Jimmy and Aaron.

The kids sitting down (Nick, Jimmy and Aaron) serve us our drinks at that bar. You know the one I am talking about, the one where we all have the most disgusting memories from – if any at all. Revolver. Fabian works just down the road at Ruby Tuesdays. These kids fucking love Chapel Street. For them, everything happens here, work, play, life. Because there was so many in this group they decided to choose one song between them. Have a listen to Queen’s Dont Stop Me Now



This dammit-I’m-hotter-then-Justin-Beiber-I-don’t-care-what-you-say child saw me trip on my own feet today – so it was only appropriate to snap him up. Cade says the coffee on Chapel Street is damn good – enough, apparently, to have him spend too much time around the place. He has also found love with The Antlers classic, Kettering.


Dee Dee.

Dee Dee told me today that she loves Chapel street for its ability to evoke good feelings. She loves that you can hear a massive range of languages, as well as smell amazing foods and fabrics as you walk along. She couldn’t choose just one song, or even artist for that matter, but because she admitted she is going though a bit of a Tracy Chapman faze at the moment, I decided to give you this live version of her song Baby Can I Hold You?



Andrew spends a lot of time on Chapel Street because he is studying Design Research at the Swinburne campus around the corner. He admits that Chapel seems to be over-shadowed by its negative points, but because of its coffee, diversity and general culture Andrew tends to loves the place. Andews fave song of the moment is Bread and Butter’s Remember, check out it out below:


So. A quick post is a good post. But I think I will lay off criticising Chapel street for the moment.

Horse with no name.

It’s about time that Muddy Thrills was taken off the streets and into the party scene – I mean, how many times do we ever go out in our day wear? (yeah, ok, it happens more often then not)

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Horse With No Name ‘When art meets fashion’ launch party last night, and I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to test out my ideas to meet and introduce to the world, the ‘party people’ – or in this case, fashion-party-people.


Andy has just started his own fashion label, Anhika. Of course, almost everything that he is wearing comes from his line – what’s cool about the line is that it’s designed to be genderless. If you love what you see, it is being stock listed at Horse With No Name. Andy is loving Melbourne psych folk band Aleks and the Ramps, Check out their song Middle Aged Unicorn on Beach with Sunset



Kamahl is the bubbly and excited owner of Horse With No Name, whose dream is to support local and Australian designers. When I asked him what music he was loving, he laughed and told me that he had pulled out the Angus and Julia Stone album A Book Like This again  – which made him feel old! Remind yourself of that stupidly overplayed classic, Big Jet Plane


Rechelle & Zachary.

I first saw these kids trying on clothes inside the shop – in fact, Zachary has just purchased the gold shirt with the skull top button that he is wearing! Zachary has just started his own cafe, My Legendary Girlfriend on domain road. The whole concept of the cafe is channelled around the music of the British band, Pulp. I’m really excited to check it out soon! Zachary is listening to 30 Seconds to Mars, Hurricane. Have a listen below:


Rechelle on the other hand is studying Graphic Design AND interning at Fashion Journal. Lucky Duck. She loves Prince – so appropriately she chose the song Purple Rain (How good are 1980s film clips!?)


Leah & Tamara.

These two lovely ladies were at the party representing Fashion Journal. In fact, I had been perving on Tamara’s shoulder padded tough top for quite a bit of time before I picked up the nerve to come and speak to them! Tamara is rocking out to Interpol’s Slow Hands, whilst Leah is loving the American/New Zealand Indie band Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s self titled debut album – have a listen to their amazingness with Ffunny Ffriends below:



This brand new fiery red head is the owner of No Stone on Greville St. I loved her because whilst she claimed she wasn’t a ‘pink’ person, she was one of the very few people at the party who wasnt wearing everything black or at the very least, head to toe in bleak colours. Musically speaking, she is loving Adele’s superhit Rolling in the Deep – for a treat, I have uploaded a live version so we can all appreciate her talents.


Well that’s that. Until next time.