Lazy Saturday.

I woke up this morning realising that for the first time in forever I had the day off work, with nothing else on my to-do-plate. So I got up, and without a theme in mind (aside, of course, from a lazy Saturday) I thought it was about time I hit the streets again to meet and greet some amazing Melbournians. Here is who I met:


I caught Al in the corner of my eye and chased her half way down Burke Street Mall – I just loved her style! She told me that she also runs a blog – so watch this space for a link! Al was on her way to have ramen with a friend of hers, so I let her go, but not before finding out what her favourite song was of the day. Check out the eclectic love from The Alcolade, and their song Symphony X.



I found Lukka in the city with his family heading for coffee. I had to stop and interrupt the family affair to snap him as we were practically wearing the same outfit (God I love androgyny) Lukka is loving Neon Indian’s Ephemeral Artery,  Check it out:



Lukka had reminded me of the Ksubi sale that was on today – so I thought I might wander over to Collingwood to check it out. On my way I ran into Matt, an incredibly lovely sea changer – yup, you heard right, the guy has decided to pack up and move to country Tasmania with his partner – he was in Melbourne tying up loose ends. When I asked him what music he was loving at the moment, he told me that in his new Tasmanian house, they have barely enough electricity (so the rumours are true! haha nah, just kidding, its a temporary thing) and so  he has been utilising his trusty record player – and consequently his music love at the moment is Siouxie and the Banshees, check out their classic, Mirage



I interrupted Thomas trying to work at the insane Ksubi sale (check out the state of the room in the background!). While he was dashing about, he managed to tell me his music love for today – the song Bermuda, by a band called the Kisses. The film clip is a real treat!



Marla was was of the many people who had come in to check out the sale – and outside of shopping she was spending the weekend job hunting and studying. She had a little bit of difficulty trying to remember the artist for her fave song – so I am hoping that the clip that I have picked for you all to listen too is the right one – well even if its not, its a very cool song. Check out Ana Brun’s Do You Remember



I found Stuart in the corner transferring money to purchase some goodies that he had found. He told me that he had braught back his Beatles love recently and chose the song Yellow Submarine as his fave. I found the Yellow Submarine clip from the Beatles movie with the same title, If you haven’t already seen the movie its worth getting your hands on a copy – but until then, enjoy the cartoon footage below:


A brilliant lazy Saturday all around!