Month: April, 2012

Shakin’ Alabama.

I’ve been really excited about so many albums coming out in recent times, however, none more so then from the kids at Alabama Shakes.


Their super sexy, blues-y, soulful, Southern American album Boys and Girls has quickly made it to the top of my favourite new albums list. Each song, each lyric is packed full of a range of genres, keeping me hyperactively excited enough to listen to the album on repeat. In fact, I’ve made room for it while cleaning the house, exercising, at the supermarket, dammit, even at work. Check out the album opener, Hold On, below, then run out the door to pick yourself up a copy.



Bells on.

I have always had a curious interest for the surf and the relaxed and grounded culture that seems to come with it, so I jumped at the chance to meet with some of these people at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach this week.

Clare and Tess.

I was stoked that the first people I met were locals – Clare from Bellbrae, and Tess is from Torquay. These girls come down to the pro every year, however they tell me it has never been as exciting as the one year it had a music festival. Clare is loving Bon Iver’s Rosslyn, and Tess is remembering the Hunters and Collectors classic, When the River Runs Dry. Check them out below:



Daniele is an environmental studies student from Melbourne, who was camping in the area for Easter. Turns out this kid is a body boarder, but this is also a big fat secret, so keep that one between you and me. Daniele is loving the super hot The Delta Riggs. Have a listen to their song Time below.


Hannah and Genevieve.

Hannah, who grew up and Torquay and Genevieve, a canadian, tell me that they are living the good life in Lorne – nothing but surfing and working, and Falls Festival over new years. These ladies chose a 1970s rock and roll classic from Robin Trower, Two Rolling Stoned. Check out this super hot live version below:



Catherine is a travelling German – she has been floating around Australia for 8 months now, and felt the need to come down and check out some of the worlds surfing best. She is loving Calvin Harris and Rhi Rhi’s song We Found Love.


Christian and Kristina.

These Melbournians were at Bells just for the day – though admit to dabbling in a bit of surfing themselves on any other given weekend. Christian is into Six60’s Rise Up, whereas Kristina is loving The Wombats song, Tokyo. As always, clips below:



Josh is a journalism student in Melbourne, though in his spare time he is making music love with his band The Purple Indians. He has found inspiration with Australian Crawl lead singer’s son (yes, I’m a jerk for that mouthful) Jaime Robbie Reyne. Check out his amazingness Remember to Breathe:



I managed to get the absolute babin’ Owen Wright in a super quick paparazzi moment as he finished a heat in the surf. Turns out professional surfers listen to music too – his favourite song of the moment? Skrillex’s Bangerang.