by Tara Emily

I was speaking to a friend last week about Chapel street, and we were discussing that perhaps we as a Melbournians don’t fully appreciate the strip for what it really is. It can have such a negative vibe attached to it, yet we all seem to spend a lot of time there gallivanting around. I mean, you can do almost everything there – it gets us drunk at any hour, and cures the nastiest of hangovers, it has every shop on the planet, damn good coffee, and its a great place to hang out if you want to be interviewed for that Channel Ten TV show, the Project.

So, in true Muddy Thrills style, I felt it was necessary to meet and greet some of the Chapel street residents.

Nick, Fabien, Jimmy and Aaron.

The kids sitting down (Nick, Jimmy and Aaron) serve us our drinks at that bar. You know the one I am talking about, the one where we all have the most disgusting memories from – if any at all. Revolver. Fabian works just down the road at Ruby Tuesdays. These kids fucking love Chapel Street. For them, everything happens here, work, play, life. Because there was so many in this group they decided to choose one song between them. Have a listen to Queen’s Dont Stop Me Now



This dammit-I’m-hotter-then-Justin-Beiber-I-don’t-care-what-you-say child saw me trip on my own feet today – so it was only appropriate to snap him up. Cade says the coffee on Chapel Street is damn good – enough, apparently, to have him spend too much time around the place. He has also found love with The Antlers classic, Kettering.


Dee Dee.

Dee Dee told me today that she loves Chapel street for its ability to evoke good feelings. She loves that you can hear a massive range of languages, as well as smell amazing foods and fabrics as you walk along. She couldn’t choose just one song, or even artist for that matter, but because she admitted she is going though a bit of a Tracy Chapman faze at the moment, I decided to give you this live version of her song Baby Can I Hold You?



Andrew spends a lot of time on Chapel Street because he is studying Design Research at the Swinburne campus around the corner. He admits that Chapel seems to be over-shadowed by its negative points, but because of its coffee, diversity and general culture Andrew tends to loves the place. Andews fave song of the moment is Bread and Butter’s Remember, check out it out below:


So. A quick post is a good post. But I think I will lay off criticising Chapel street for the moment.