Who by what now?

by Tara Emily

In honour of the National Save Live Music Australia (SLAM) Day that was celebrated last week, I thought I might introduce you to the children at Who By Fire who create music video and film clips for the internet. What’s cool about these kids is that they are giving Australian artists an exciting way to perform live to the musically delirious and superbly broke people such as myself.

Check out the clip they did of Matt Bailey – I must admit I had never heard of this guy before – and if I am going to be really honest I only clicked on his link first because I could tell it was filmed at my old uni, but his raw music absolutely blew me away:


This video contributed to what became a special Summer Series of live and unplugged music clips featuring budding Melbourne musicians. Who By Fire did the videos in this series FREE OF CHARGE to these cool acts to contribute a positive vibe to the live music scene here in Melbourne.

Check out this six piece folk band Graveyard Train below. I am always tickled by folk music, despite my lack of it in my music library – the sounds and lyrics are always unpretentious and incredibly soulful.


One last clip that completely inspired me I promise! Anyone who knows me personally will most likely know my stupid love of Children Collide – so you can imagine my childlike delight when I saw that they had captured lead singer Johnny Mack performing solo!


These kids are on the right track of helping along our musically talented brothers and sisters – and def worth keeping your eyes peeled for what they have in stall for us in the near future.