Thank god its Monday.

by Tara Emily


I thought that it was about time that I pay tribute to all those who pour our drinks Friday night, make our coffee Saturday morning and sell us whatever the hell we want on Sundays. This post is a celebration of those who know the weekend as the busiest time of the week, and appreciate a slow Monday. Let me introduce you to some of these people.


If you live in the Brunswick area then you may know this guy as your weekend coffee guy. I ran into him today when he was running to his very first class at uni – Photography at RMIT. He is loving Comets on Fire’s Dogwood Rust.



Glen has a very important role to play on the weekend – he serves us our wine. What I really love is how much the song Glen chose is so similar to what Josh chose above – its very clear where Comets on Fire get a lot of their inspiration. Have a listen to Led Zeppelins Nobodys Fault but Mine.



Kyra fits into a special category of weekend workers – as she has started her own boutique PR agency (Pybus PR) she tends to work almost every day. A massive pat on the back for you Kyra! Kyra is listening to The Knife’s collaborative album Tomorrow, In a Year – I must say the whole album is absolutely stunning, but since I only have the space to give you one tack I chose a song called Colouring of Pigeons. Its so good that even Kyra’s love bird loves it – check it out:



Amy is visiting Melbourne (and her Navy boyfriend) from Ballina in NSW – but ordinarily Amy works the weekends by serving us our food. She is rocking out to 360’s Boys Like You (Seriously, how amazing is Gossling in this song!?)



Nathaniel also started uni today at RMIT – this lucky kid gets to studying a course called Music Industry. When he is not running around at gigs on the weekend, Nathaniel serves us our (well, my) fave hangover cure – Pizza. This guy’s song of choice was a self titled song by James Watts – but this kid is so underground he hasnt yet surfaced on Youtube or Vimeo yet – so keep your ears peeled for that one. Instead we get to listen to the musical delights of Cosmo Jarvis. Check out his song Is the World Strange or am I?



Bec – yet another freshman at university – will be studying Architecture at the University of Melbourne this year. I caught her as she was going to an interview for a catering job – so perhaps while she may not be able to fully appreciate a Monday right now, with a bit of luck Monday will be her favourite day in the near future. She is really into 1950s style music at the moment, so her song request is Gene Vincent’s Be Bop a Lula.


Here’s to all those who make Monday a damn good day to be alive!


Oh and Ps! did you miss me at all over the past month? I must apologise for my lack of communications  – I have spent much of my time running a muck in Bali, and then after that gigantic bender I flew to Sydney to see Roger Waters play a very theatrical verson of the classic The Wall. It was just so amazing – check out his attempt of In the Flesh pt 2 in Moscow last year: