Neil Young, get the hell out of my brain.

by Tara Emily

While I was at the Falls Fest last week, the campsite I shared with my friends was invaded by gypsies. Seriously. Well, maybe not real gypsies, but these guys came with just a small backpack of clothes each. No tent, No food, nothing. It was lucky for them (and for us!) that they were amazing value – and damn pretty. We all became fast friends. At one stage of the weekend one of the gypsies put Neil Young in my head and his albums have consequently been on repeat on my Ipod since. This is of course never a terrible occurence, though I’m missing the variety in my life.

Join me in listening to NY’s amazingness in Tonight’s the Night while taking a quick peek at my Falls experience for 2011



Naked at Naked and Famous

Aloe Blacc was a massive highlight – the biggest crowd whore, and we loved every second of it.




Goodbye Falls, you were once again amazing! Until next year…..


and a whopping big thanks to Alex and Ally for your amazing photos – you outdid yourselves!