Month: January, 2012

Who’d’ja vote for?

It’s that time of year again when all of your musically excited friends eagerly await the arrival of Triple J‘s democratically elected hottest 100 songs for the previous year. We hear and secretly judge the picks of our mates and of the random callers on the station. And everyone has a different way of picking – some try and pick the top ten, others pick their fave ten songs of the year. I, on the other hand, pick bands who I personally know, who I have met and enjoyed the company of over the course of the year, and/or a band whose gig I had been too in the previous year was out of this world.

Here are my picks, in Alpabetical Order

Big Scary – Gladiator


I had the pleasure of knowing Jojo when she played in the band Johnny Rock and the Limits (who, by the way are still around, if you get ever get the chance to check them out – do it!) My ignorance to their success was made obvious when I walked into the tent they were scheduled to play in at Falls Festival in 2010 and saw that it was completely packed to the brim with fans – the gig was out of this world!

Big Scary – Mix Tape


The Frowning Clouds – All Night Long


I have seen these kids play a number of times, and every time they have put on an amazing show. I love the raw vintage style of both their music, and their appearance – it’d like stepping back in time.

Les Savy Fav – Appetites


LSF is my guilty hipster pleasure of music. I saw these guys play their Melbourne Laneway sideshow as a last minute decision and was not disappointed. Come back and play for me again soon!

Les Savy Fav – Lips n Stuff


Papa Vs Pretty – Darkest Way


This year for my birthday I decided to go see The Vines at the Hifi bar. Touring with The Vines was cute pop rock band, Papa Vs Pretty. Not only did they put on an amazing show, my friend and I ended up watching the Vines play with Angus from the band. We were all instant friends and ended up partying long into the night together. Here’s to an amazing birthday!

Papa Vs Pretty – One of the Animals


Tame Impala – Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind {Erol Alkan Remix}


For these kids I cheated a little bit – I didnt actually see them at all in 2011, but in 2010 at Falls Festival. For me, they were so awesome they got to transcend into my 2011 list. (Whats a couple of days, really?)

The Vines – Future Primitive


Like Papa Vs Pretty, I was lucky enough to meet and party with these kids on my Birthday after their gig. These are some great, down to earth guys who make fucking amazing music. They are the complete package really.

The Vines – Gimme Love


So there you have it, my 2011 hottest 10. Your thoughts? Secret judgements? Share your top 1o this way!



Insert stereotype title here.

Since I have not yet written the quintessential I-live-in-melbourne-therefore-I-hang-out-in-dirty-stinking-laneways post, I felt it was about time to get my good friend Ally out with her pretty camera and find some laneway folk, meet them, and find out what music is making them feel all warm and crazy inside. Here’s who we found:



We found Isaac dashing in his lunch break to grab some guitar strings and other much needed musical items in China Town. He, like I have been lately, is obsessing over his Neil Young collection – apparently, Harvest Moon is on repeat at his house. Because he couldn’t narrow the album down to a single song, have a listen to One of These Days, one of my all time faves from the album.



Meet Bridie. This adorable girl loves the coffees and the lentil soups that one can really only make love to in a Melbourne laneway. Shes been dreaming of getting Best Coasts album on vynal – check out their song Boyfriend:


Bridie had also just spent some time in Europe where she discovered the British band Elephant. The clip for their song Ants (below) is directed by an Australian dude right here in Melbourne! If you love what you see, check out his other work here.



Katy couldn’t be missed with her outrageously loud, yet playful vintage dress that she got yesterday at the Vintage Market that pops up in Melbourne Central occasionally. She moved to Australia five years ago from Korea to study fashion merchandising – turns out she loves the place. Shes listening to TV On the Radio’s song Caffeinated Consciousness.



Caleb is studying Natural Medicine at a school in Fitzroy. He says he loves the laneway culture for its amazing coffee places, and also for all the opportunity it gives for us to be with our mates. We interrupted Caleb listening to Neutral Milk Hotel’s Naomi  – have a listen below:



Ally spotted this guy from across the road on Flinders lane – to us, his outfit was so completely unique to everything we had seen all day – making it a fantastic contrast for our eyes. He is loving Eminem’s latest – have a listen to Space Bound.



We caught the lovely Mia on a break from work. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring the new bars and clubs that are always seeming to pop up down the dankiest of alleyways. She is loving HTRK whose gig she recently saw at St Michaels Church —- (a church?!) yep, it adds to the atmosphere. Their song Disco is worth a listen.


So there you have it – yes, we are Melbournian, yes, we hang out in filthy laneways, and yes, we freakin’ love it.


Driving in again.

Social media went absolutely nuts today with At the Drive-In announcing their return to the music scene, and playing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California.

I kid you not, my day became very excited and nostalgic after first hearing about it this morning. Anyone up for a road trip to Cali?!