Month: December, 2011

The battle of the ‘burbs: part two.

Today was the day to get the other side of the story, and talk to the people of the Northside in order to discover if one side was in fact better then the other. No point in fucking around with aimless words, lets get this started.



First off the mark was Sean. I was pretty excited to see him in baggy jeans – dont get me wrong, I love seeing tight pants on a guy, but it was refereshing to see something a little different. Sean is loving Northside for all its conveniences and for the good shopping. He is rocking out to Glaswegian electronic musician, Rustie. Check out his song After light:


Jemimah and Sarah.

I found these two wavy haired ladies Christmas shopping for their loved ones on Brunswick st. Sarah’s song of the moment is Youth Groups cover of Forever Young – she told me that the song got her excited for summer, but when I found the song on Youtube it was like I had completely forgotten how amazing the film clip was; I was absolutely mesmorised.


Jemimah is getting excited over Tom Waits’ song, Lucinda. Check it out:



I’m a sucker for English accents, from both guys and girls, so when I met the bubbly Lorraine and her friend Jamey (below) I got pretty excited. While Lorraine has already been to several festivals recently, and is gearing up for Rainbow Serpent early next year, she could not choose a song that she is loving – only those that are poision to her ears. So I give you Adele, who seemed to top Lorraine’s most hated list for the sheer reason of being the most overplayed artist in every country she has visited.



Jamey told me that the Northside is amazing for its bohemian culture and vibe…. That, and the pay as you feel restaurant, Lentil and Anything (There is one in Southside too!) Jamey is currently inspired by The Smiths’ song, Ask.



Alex, the German local, had so much to say about the Northside that I could tell that he seriously loves the place. He loves the independant music scene and that there is always little gigs being played. He also loves the boutique retailers and venues, and most of all he loves that there is always something new to be discovered. He thinks that American punk band, The Unseen is pretty amazing and recommended their song False Hope. Have a listen below:



Sarah is a true blue local, the girl has lived and breathed in the area her entrie life. Having grown up in Northside, Sarah barely sees a point in leaving, she studies at the University of Melbourne, She goes out in the area, and she works around the corner. She was so funny about choosing her song, Pass This On By The Knife, because when I mentioned I would be showing a Youtube clip with her photo, she was like, err…. well its a bit strange. Well as far as I am concerned, I love strange. Check it out below.


I’m certain that its the absurdity of the cross dressing in the video, but when I was watching the clip I couldn’t stop thinking about Freddy Mercury and the rest of Queen in their clip for I Want to Break Free. Remind yourselves of the amazingness below:



This cool kid got her amazing pants at Footscray Savers yesterday. I love that she is wearing them with riding boots – the eternal sign of traditional Aussie culture. I want a pair. She perhaps came up with the best answer of the day for why she loves the area, and that is that Northside is, well, home! She is listening to Bill Withers classic song, Use Me. Treat your ears below.


So has one side convinced you of their worth? Are you Team South or Team North? For me, the truth is that while I spend many of my waking (and well, sleeping) hours in Southside, both have their charms and quirks that any budding Melbourne kid would want to get in on, and perhaps at the end it all, it depends on what the hell ones friends are doing.


The battle of the ‘burbs: part one.

Melbourne is really a place for the weird and the wonderful – and lets face it, its why we freakin’ love it. However, it seems that war has broken out between the two specific areas where the weirdest and the most wonderful call home, St Kilda/Balaclava in the south and Fitzroy/Brunswick in the north. Both areas boast super trendy fashions, rockin’ music and damn good coffee – but is one really better then the other?

Its about time I settled the score once and for all and had a chat to both teams. Part one: Southside.



Every time I go out and take photos of people on the street I have this tinge of hope that I will find someone in a band whose music I can play on my blog. I found Lewi looking for his pay check on Carlisle st, and he belongs to a band called Vice Grip Pussies. Check them out below, and if you find that you love them, they are next playing at – ironically – the Brunswick Hotel on Sunday.

Mikey and Gary.

When I told these kids I was settling the war between the northside and the southside, they were very supportive of their home turf. Apparently, southside sports more culture, more lifestyle and the people are more laid back. As for the music that is driving them wild, Mikey is rocking out to the 2011 edit of Leave me alone by Neelix.

And Gary has been reminising Naughty by Nature’s Hip Hop Hooray – I must say, listening to this clip again made me smile.


Tali, lives and works in the southside, and has a frickin’ cool pair of glasses. While she says she loves the area, she happens to be running off overseas for a couple of weeks soon. lucky duck. She’s loving To Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO:


I found Romey busking on Ackland st – he played me a song that he wrote this song for his mummy, nawwww. Originally from Byron Bay, Romey chose lucky St Kilda to live in for the beach, the culture and the music scene. He frequants Ackland st with his music, if you are around swing past and have a listen, he is rather talented.

Xristi and Isobel.

I caught these beauties running off to the centre of St Kilda, probably to the St Kilda night markets, a feature that Xristi loves about the area. Velvet Undergound and Nico’s All Tomorrows Parties is making Xristi go wild, while Joy Division’s Novelty is pressing Isobels buttons.


I blew off my own brother to snap this lovely lady. Newly arrived to this fair city from Hong Kong, Cat loves the southside for the culture, music and fashion. I just cannot get enough of her shoes, they are just so amazing and unique. She showed me that she is emmersing herself into Australian music through the long list of local bands that frequant her Ipod. She ended up choosing Let’s Reggae All Night by Brazillian band CSS.

Gabe, Kelly and Bookie.

Back at The Wall in Balaclava, I found the hilarious Gabe, Kelly and Bookie enjoying the last moments of the afternoon. All three explained to me that they love the area because they are locals, its got action, and lots of diversity. Gabe, having just been to Meredith is still excited over Exploisions in the Sky, Check out their song The Birth and Death of the Day. Kelly is enjoying the Classical styles of Gustav Mahler, his Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor is below. And last, but not at all least, Bookie is rocking out to Voltaire Twins’ Animalia.

Next week: Part two.

Baby makes his corduroy.

Today while I was out and about, this babe coffee guy gave me a fashion lesson 101: This season is all about corduroy. Check out the kicks he is donning, all the way from the States

I would also like to use this space to send out a big thank you to my friend Andy who spend hours working on my blog to make better accessable for all you cool kids. I dedicate the following Big Scary amazingness to you: