by Tara Emily

There is this gourmet sausage stall at Falls Festival that is so good that I often find myself thinking about it on one of the other 362 days of the year. There is something about the unique fried sausage with random sauces and a bit ‘o green stuff on top that really makes me feel as if I’ve actually had some sleep and perhaps even a shower. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a (different) gourmet sausage place prop up on the corner of La Trobe and Swanston Street in Melbourne in the past couple of weeks.

Introducing Snag Stand: another of a growing list of boutique food chain stores to come from Sydney. And despite my apprehension to trust anything that comes from Sydney, I was once again pleasently surprised.

I tried a chicken and rocket snag with sauteed onions and rocket pesto aioli, wrapped in a gluten free bun (yes, I am a glu-tard). While this wasn’t on the set menu, this place lets you dictate what your tastebuds prefer to dance to. I was nervous. Could this be in anyway like the romantic memory I had of gorging on sausages in my most feral state? Yes it can, and let me tell you, it did. Times a million. Snag Stand was just as amazing sober and clean, as that random foodstall at Falls in any state you please. If this place added some really cool music, the experience would be perfect.

If you are feeling pekish in the city sometime soon I highly recomend you go check this place out. I would LOVE to hear about your experiments with flavours – so shoot me a comment so I can test them out myself!