Month: November, 2011

Rollin’ down the river.

Uni is finally over for the year, summer is about to begin, the festival season is underway, and everyone is just generally in a damn good mood. So its about time I hit the streets – or in this case, the banks of the Yarra – to see what the hell everyone is doing, wearing, and listening to.



I caught this cool cat running late to work. I absolutely love his, I-dont-give-a-damn-I’m-working-on-a-god-damn-Sunday thrown together outfit. At this very point in time his Ipod was blaring Tinie Tempah’s song Pass Out.





Buffy the beauty. I noticed this girl, not by her amazing red jeans, thrown on shirt or cool glasses, but her bag was to die for. The bottom was studded with these big and thick silver studs – the lucky girl got it in London. Musically speaking, Chris Brown’s Niggas in Paris is driving this girl wild. Check it out:





I didn’t write a lot about this guy in my notebook after I met him, except the words ‘laughy’ and ‘delightful’. I still think that’s the perfect way to describe him – so it stays. I really loved his entire 80’s inspired outfit from the leopard print cap to the blue shoes – and check out his frickin’ amazing watch:



Now, Robbie has a confession to make, he was enjoying the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack before he met me. But its not such a bad confession, the track list is actually rather cool late 1990s soft rock. Check out Guided By Voices’ Teenage FBI:





This kid claimed that she just threw her outfit on without trying. Who the flip cares, she looks amazing. And how amazing is her hair?! She is really into the Psy-trance group Bassnectar, check out the amazing song Verbing the Noun.



Charlie, Cam and Liam.


So I have a little confession to make: I stereotype all Canadians into having a brilliant taste in rock music. These guys fit into that stereotype perfectly. Charlieboy’s rockin’ M83’s new album at the moment, check out their song Bright flash. Below that is the clip of the song that Cam is loving, The Black Keys Thickfreakness. And below my fave Black Keys song, is Liams love: Little Dragon’s newbie, Nightlight. 



Joey, Keagan and Chris.


What do you do on a sunny Sunday afternoon, after you have woken up late and are a little hungover? Apparently, you go to Sexpo. Well thats what these cool kids did anyway. Despite their little confession of alcohol and sex, these guys were hilarious – and not without a decent sense of style and music. Joey’s obsessing over the Tom Waits song, Going out West, Keagan is reminiscing Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, and Chris is rocking out to Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. 





These absolutely crazy kids are from Sydney. Their love for our rival city was teeming – though we Melbournians welcome them with wide arms. When I mentioned that I didn’t recognise their grouplove song of choice: Jessie J’s Domino, they put on a mini performance of the song, singing and dancing by the river. It was fantastic.



Ashlee and Sasha.


This is Ashlee and Sasha. Ashlee just spent two weeks in New York where she brought that amazing necklace. She thinks that Twin Sister’s I Want a House.



The blue jeaned wonder, Sasha, had just been to Harvest Festival – this makes me very jealous. She said that Portishead blew her mind and that the song Glory Box was the best. Check it out:





This American from Portland, Oregon, is Alex. I chased him down because I loved his backpack – I’m seriously loving the rise of the humble backpack again. When I finally caught up to him he had just opened this massive book on American ideology – in fact, as I spoke to Alex, he reminded me of the post I did a little while ago on the Kids of the University of Melbourne – cool, quirky, and smart. He is having a love affair with Mars Volta at the moment – check out their song Frances the Mute:



Clara, Charmaine and Gwyn.


These amazing kids were enjoying a farewell lunch before I heckled them for a photo and a few questions. Charmaine, the lucky lady, is travelling the southern states of Africa for the rest of the year. She tells me that Adele’s song If it Hadn’t Been for Love is speaking to her at the moment – and I happen to think its the coolest, bluesiest song on the entire album:



Clara introduced me to Zahara. She’s loving the song Loliwe – however I had the chance to check out her other stuff. Let me tell you Zahara has this absolutely amazing voice and I highly recommend that you all take some time to have a listen to this one. Its nothing but amazing.



Gwyn, with all the lovliness of her scarf, is obsessing over Mali Music’s dig, Go. Check it out:



Lucky last, Clare.


I was literally running to catch the cattle cart train to visit my folks in the country when I ran into this lady. Ironically she was at Crown’s Metropol visiting her visiting parents who also live in the country. I love everything about this ones look – but I particularly love her silk high rise pants. She also picked the best song to end this post with: James Vincent McMorrow’s If I Had a Boat. 



Until another day…


Old, old fashioned.

I’ve always been one for vintage inspired fashion, but this seasons 1970’s looks are having me frothing at the mouth.

Check out this amazing mess of Italian leather from Olrik Denmark.

Fitting to my post, I’ve actually resuscitated of my old Frightened Rabbit album – Midnight Organ Fight. It’s just so god damned sexy.


There is this gourmet sausage stall at Falls Festival that is so good that I often find myself thinking about it on one of the other 362 days of the year. There is something about the unique fried sausage with random sauces and a bit ‘o green stuff on top that really makes me feel as if I’ve actually had some sleep and perhaps even a shower. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a (different) gourmet sausage place prop up on the corner of La Trobe and Swanston Street in Melbourne in the past couple of weeks.

Introducing Snag Stand: another of a growing list of boutique food chain stores to come from Sydney. And despite my apprehension to trust anything that comes from Sydney, I was once again pleasently surprised.

I tried a chicken and rocket snag with sauteed onions and rocket pesto aioli, wrapped in a gluten free bun (yes, I am a glu-tard). While this wasn’t on the set menu, this place lets you dictate what your tastebuds prefer to dance to. I was nervous. Could this be in anyway like the romantic memory I had of gorging on sausages in my most feral state? Yes it can, and let me tell you, it did. Times a million. Snag Stand was just as amazing sober and clean, as that random foodstall at Falls in any state you please. If this place added some really cool music, the experience would be perfect.

If you are feeling pekish in the city sometime soon I highly recomend you go check this place out. I would LOVE to hear about your experiments with flavours – so shoot me a comment so I can test them out myself!