Another blog on the wall.

by Tara Emily

Its been around for a decade now, however, while The Wall Two 80 in Balaclava wins all these prizes and awards for its amazing coffee, it also has a bad name due to its service. So I thought I’d check it out.

The music was amazing – old school, indie chic.  It really helped bring out this cool vibe, as if to say, I’m not even fucking trying.
I found myself singing along to heaps of brilliant old classics. Here is one of the beauties they played to get you in the mood:


First things first: the coffee. while was a little weak to my usual liking, was absolutely brilliant. I think I may have gulped mine down in tasteful delight. In fact, I ordered two – the second, a little stronger and it was perfect. I also loved the get-your-own-water they had going, seriously just a tap from the wall.


The food was fantastic. I had the pea and zucchini soup – which was super thick and super tasty, while my friend Chris had a smoked salmon, rocket and horseradish toasted pide. There is nothing better then a place that nails both the coffee and the food.

Despite the amazing interior (and exterior!) design, coffee and food, the thing I was most impressed with was the service.  Going in I was expecting bitch waiters and snobby barristers. But there was none of that. In fact, when we failed to finish our glorious lunch, the chef mentioned – in a very fatherly way – that he was worried about us for not finishing our meals!


Everyone is raving about this place, Las Chicas across the road from the Wall Two 80, but let me tell you, if you are ever in need of a Sunday brunch in the Balaclava/St Kilda East area, you will in no way regret a decision to check this place out.