The Kids are Alright.

by Tara Emily

I’ve always felt that the students of the University of Melbourne are subject to a stereotype that makes them out to be massive nerd burgers who don’t get out – and frankly, most enrolled kids don’t quite fit this picture.

I’d like to introduce you to the real students of the University of Melbourne – and the music that makes them go wild.


This is Renae. She is studying a Master of International Relations. She is brand spanking new to Melbourne (originally a Perth-sider) and spends most of her time exploring our amazing city. She caught my eye today not just with her amazing look, but check out her stunning bag and so-random-its-cool drink bottle:


This is what she is listening to: Interpol’s Public Pervert



Introducing Ollie. He is studying Arts. His super cool shark backpack was purchased from a Japanese online store – the handles on its zipper are in the shape of fish!

He is loving Nicolas Jaar’s Stay in love



This is Sophie. She is studying her Masters in Publishing. While no one is ever ready to accept that Parklife is ever their scene, Soph admits she went for Lykke Li. In fact Soph sports “the biggest girl crush” on the artist, “she’s such a babe!”

Check out I Follow Rivers



A big hello to Lewis. This kid is studying Arts. Outside of study, Lewis tells me he loves baking cakes… vegan cakes! And yes! Those Docs are vegan too!

Lewis is loving the Cults debut self titled album. I’ll leave you with Go Outside


James and Elly:

James is doing his honours in German, while Elly is actually the very good friend of James – so good that she is visiting Unimelb all the way from RMIT!

James is loving Nicolas Jaars Colomb 


Whereas Elly can’t get enough of the irony in NY is Killing Me by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx



This cool cat is an exchange student from Amsterdam (How amazing are Kayleigh’s tights and boots!!)

At home, she is usually into Jazz, but now that she is in Australia, she is studying her Bio-Med books to Dutch artist Lucky Fonz III. Check out his song Once I was a Lady:



Hello Rob! When rob isnt a philosophy student, he is a Jazz musician. This is why he chose the following post-classical clip as his current music muse.

Shoenberg’s Piano Concerto op.42


Dani and Karrod.

Both of these lovelies are studying Science. And yes! That is their goon sack!!

Dani’s music love affair at the moment is Owl Eye’s. Check out their song Raiders


Karrods music muse – Group Love’s album ‘Never Trust a Happy Song’ – Check out Chloe:


Melbourne University B-Boys.

I found these kids break-dancing to Adele’s Cold Shoulder in the middle of campus!


The kids, are absolutely alright.