Month: September, 2011

The Worlds Greatest Cover Stories.

Everyone loves a good cover song. They are enjoyable to watch, fun to play and all round classics. Despite this, (apparently) a classic song is easily fucked up. (Sheryl Crows attempt of Sweet Child ‘o Mine springs to mind)

Lets have a look at 10 of the better attempts.


Usually I’m opposed to people re-recording mega-classics, particularly those that are already covered by every crappy cover band you see at the local pub, but Ryan Adams covered the Oasis classic so well that you just sit there and shut the hell up. Check it out:


Here Comes the Sun.

Nick Cave, lover of a cover song, breathes new life into this Beatles number:



Eric Clapton had an amazing knack for taking music from his good friend J.J. Cale and taking it to stardom. In fact, Clapton covered so many of Cales songs I found it hard to narrow down with one. Cocaine it is.


Back Door Man.

I remember being absolutely astonished when I first found out that this amazing Doors song was stolen from Howlin’ Wolf.


Here’s Howlin’s original:


Mrs Robinson.

That crazy lady Mrs Robinson found love with not just Simon and Garfunkle in the 1960s, but also with the Lemonheads in the early  1990s.


Fall at Your Feet.

I don’t even care how much Triple J ruined this song by over playing it to the hipster masses, Boy and Bear’s cover of Crowded House’s classic has got to be the best cover of this song ever.


Proud Mary.

Tina Turner nailed John Fogerty’s (Credence Clearwater Revival) 1969 Billboard topper in the early 1970s.


Wuthering Heights.

Falls Festival. December 2009. The skill (and ego) of  Andrew Stockdale. Kate Bush classic. Enough said.

(Apologies for the quality of this one, shot from my very own, very drunk hands)



A cover post wouldn’t be complete without this song. Hallelujah has been covered by so many artists since Leonard Cohan released the original in 1984. Though, generally speaking, Jeff Buckley wins this competition by far.


All Along The Watchtower.

Saving the best ’til last, Jimi Hendrix takes Bob Dylan’s original and reforms it to be arguably one of the greatest covers of all time.


What to do, What to do!

Stay tuned people, while I figure out what to tell you.